Thursday, 18 April 2013

Design, does it work? How well?

In my last post, I talked about using a framework for designing learning to make it aligned with objectives, student centred and to improve quality of learning. 

I can report now that I've managed all of things. The subjects are all aligned, more have assessment directly aligned to what the objective is asking students to do, making the learning student centred, based on what they need to know and do to complete the objectives of the subject. The good thing is, we have improved quality of learning happening with higher marks being returned and fewer fails occurring.

Activities like online quizzes were incorporated, with instant feedback for students, videos demonstrating solutions which were directly linked to activities and scaffolded assessment tasks, videos from lecturers explaining different points, online tasks linked to the web teaching students way to research and find valid information.  All these have worked together to improve the learning experience for students and improve the quality of their achievements.

In using the framework, we were able to define how an assessment was to be met by students, we could design which activities would help them and how they could be delivered online for maximum student interaction, and provide them with links to broaden their understanding and improve their skills for lifelong learning.

It's a simple process to align where you want to be, what you need to help you get there and in the end, show how you got there!  Next, putting it in an eportfolio to show the world (and future employers) what you can do.

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